Marriage Revolution Outreach International

Our Objectives

1. Helping the SINGLES find life partners, eliminating disappointments, delays and errors

2. Helping MARRIED persons find fulfilment and experience intimate joy with each other

3.Helping CHALLENGED MARRIAGES encounter lasting positive change and hope in their relationships

4. Helping MARRIED COUPLES maximize their God-given SEXUAL potentials and achieve pleasure

5.Helping DIVORCED, SEPARATED, WIDOWED or SINGLE-PARENTS locate and maintain life-bearing again

Our Tools:

1. Seminars and Relationship Workshops: compassionate, contemporary, comprehensive and compatible Biblical coaching

2. Personalised Counseling and Advice sessions: spiritual, psychological and social commonsense

3. Media Outreaches: Radio, TV, Internet (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

4. Literature Crusade: Books powerfully inspired by the Spirit of God, prayerfully developed and passionately presented with present day realities, practical illustrations and life testimonies

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