1. The Reality of Selfishness
The natural person is selfish including your partner and you! Realize that life is no more just about you alone but we, us and ours. Your resources – time, money, pleasure, pain, etc are co-owned now.

2. The Rule of Hurt
People you love the strongest will hurt you the deepest. Learn to release forbearance ahead of offense. Remember: hurts don’t always disappear at the point of forgiveness, healing happens later.

3. The Shock of Change
People change without announcement. Your courtship days romantic exchanges might not continue as usual. One very difficult task is trying to change your spouse. Take time to adjust to certain changes in your partner.

4. The Choice of Happiness
Marriage does not guarantee happiness. The only happiness you experience is the one you bring in yourself. Intentionally create happiness in your relationship and home. Never make the mistake of depending on your partner for happiness!

5. The Truth about Divorce
No one who is properly married God’s way can truly divorce, though law court could grant it. The truth: marriage is a permanent triangular relationship between one man, one woman and God. You can’t possibly divorce God! Determine to make your marriage work.

6. The Mixture of Love & Sex
Love is more than sex. It’s very had to prove true love when premarital sex is involved between partners. Most frustrated marriages today were founded on erotic passion which the partners misconstrued as love. Married, good sex doesn’t make good married, it’s good marriage relationship that makes for good sex.

7. The God Factor
Human wisdom, intelligence and smartness do not translate to successful marriage. Depend on God and His instructions from the onset if you want to succeed. The beginning of marital failure is DISOBEDIENCE to God’s word.

Your Marriage Shall Work!

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