I have always maintained that no one has the patency to break your heart except you surrender it to him/her.
My advice: let the custody of your heart be between only you and God. Nevertheless, this happens often among “lovers”.

1. Tell Yourself One Major TRUTH: I Can Survive & I Will!
Failure is not a fall until you make it a condition. If he/she goes, it points to one thing: he/she doesn’t deserve you. Spending weeks or months mourning and flogging yourself erodes your self esteem, closes your eyes to better opportunities and makes your abscondee-lover an overnight hero. No matter how much you’d been into each other, the truth remains that there’s someone you’re yet to meet who loves and adores you much more than your ex.

2. Do Not Quickly Jump Into ANOTHER Relationship
The mistake most bleeding lovers make is to quickly find succour in the bossom of “another” ready lover or sympathizer, thinking it will help them “heal” faster. Technically, the bleeder’s  vulnerability to sexual activities is very high at this condition. This is one reason many experience serial breakups or get wrongly paired. Don’t seek for temporary rescue; endure & mature through the emotional pain. You’ll survive!

3. Technically DISCONNECT From Your Bleeding Point
Most lovers think that it’s wisdom to still hang on hope around the guy/girl who jilted them – keep in touch, return chats, visit once in a while, etc. This is not only time-wasting but also emotional misappropriation of hope. Over 80% of heart-break partners never survived together afterwards. The psychology is this: the abscondee lover tries to keep in touch in order to soothe his/her conscience while the jilted falsely thinks, “we can make it again together”. It doesn’t work that way. Stop meeting. Stop those weak-legged chats and monologued calls. MOVE ON!

4. Get BUSY
Find something around your life purpose to keep you busy. Put more energy and time into your work, business and fellowship with God. Redirect your emotional energy to worthwhile productive activities.
Above all, God is working out something more glorious and arranging somebody more loving for YOU!
“Instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree, and instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree: and it shall be to the LORD for a name, for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off.” Isa 55:13

You Marriage Shall Work!

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